Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Writer's Block & / or Busy

There's been so much happening lately, I haven't known what to give priority post ...

With the tractor came the opportunity to get a myriad of things caught up before the snow. It's still not all done, not that I have to do it, but guess who gets to do the majority of the inside work? I don't mind, but there certainly is much to keep me busy. Needless to say, keeping you posted has not been top priority.

Some of us made a quick much needed trip to Saskatchewan to visit family over Thanksgiving. It was a good, much-needed well-earned break. Yes, we have much to be thankful for.

Upon our return we've gotten the remainder of the chickens into freezers, started the winter Farmer's Market and finally started school full bore. Like I said before, we're always learning, but now it is time to put in some serious time with the book studies. Oh, we've also taken family pictures (watch for those) & celebrated Thanksgiving with our Church fellowship. Never a lack for things to do 'round here. Did I mention hunting thrown into that mix? Gotta restock the freezer for another year ya' know. Our crew eats heartily, though it does slow down for winter when they are not quite as active physically.

This good food we grow is such a blessing to our family too. The value is priceless in so many ways. I'm continually amazed at how much I'm learning to cook with new fresh garden goodies ... and that my family tries it & most often enjoys it is a huge additional blessing! They're learning to grow & eat good healthy foods through this life we live here @ Klasse Woods.

Of course, wrapping things up for winter seemingly never ends. I'm still hoping to get the Fall cleaning done, including windows inside & out. Closets will be next ... and I can always hope for a few minor improvements indoors ??