Friday, October 12, 2007

Canadian Tire Offer

Another offer from Canadian Tire: print off the coupon here ( ) While you're there, sign-up for their weekly newsletter & you'll get all the deals too (watch for their take $10 off coupons which I've seen repeated). Then go save 1/3 off the price of any power tool between Oct. 12-21.

With Christmas coming to a house full of young men - yes, dh is still young! - this could come in handy. Hey, they may even want to spend some of their own hard earned to build up their own tool chest ... we have no problem encouraging the boys to spend their $$ on wise purchases. They have spent many happy hours creating, making gifts etc. But, that's for another post ...

Use it wisely,
... who loves to save & loves to share the deals with you too.

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