Saturday, November 24, 2007

Labels on Product

This week we faced the challenge of finding out that we will need to get new labels for our eggs. We cannot use the word "natural" to label our eggs ... unless we also have the dislaimer somewhere on the carton stating "all eggs are natural". How silly is that? We had chosen the label "Sunview Acres All-Natural Eggs" to put on our label because, you see, we are also no allowed to use the word organic in any way unless we go through the expense of certification. That is not really an option for us as we intend to remain a small operation.

Where has free enterprise gone to in this country? Since when can anyone have a moratorium on the english language?

Which words would communicate to the consumer the top quality of our eggs? Any ideas?
If you have a suggestion, please post a comment. Much appreciated.


mamabearsk said...

how about Pure-Farm Eggs, Pure is a synonym for Natural ---not as clear as the word Natural--but being as that word is not allowed.

Darlene said...

Definitely a consideration. Thanks mamabearsk! we'll let you know what works.