Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Decorations

Tis the season for hunting ... it almost looks like we've decorated or something, lol!

Hunting garb, fresh and ever at the ready! If it gets rained on, we call it rainfresh scent and throw it into the dryer when necessary.

Muzzleloader hunting season opened this last Monday, but due to a local potato farm needing harvest help, our hunters are not out getting a doe or calling in a buck -- they've been out making dough and rolling in the bucks, tehe!

That reminds me of one our favorite jokes:

Q: What do you get when you cross 50 male deer with 50 female pigs?

A: (READ real fast out loud) A hundred sows 'n' bucks.

Just like God planned it in the first place, the species do not mingle.

That said, we're praying that the hunt will prove successful again this year as our venison supply is all but depleted -- and we use that almost to exclusion as our red meat. We do use our own home grown, delicious grass-fed beef to serve when we have guests.


Hannah Washburn said...

Shalom! My name is Hannah, and I recently read a poem that you had written, that was printed in "For Such A Time As This". I publish a quarterly magazine for ladies called "Shining Stars", and was wondering if I could have permission to print the poem as well? If so, could you email me at Thanks so much ... Abundant Blessings ~ Hannah

mamabearsk said...

Good to know that---i was a wondering how much I would have to eat to be "polite". Looking forward to seeing you next Monday.

bekah said...

We are able to leave comments now! Mom will be so happy!! :) I hope y'all are well.

Hello there, Hannah W.!! :D When I saw your name under the "comments", I was like ,"Hey! There's a girl I know!" And then when you mentioned my magazine, there was no mistaking that it was indeed the Hannah I knew. :D Looking forward to the next issue of SS! Love you!

(Mrs. Klassen, I hope you don't mind that I left a comment for Hannah on here as well. :D)

~Rebekah W.~

Darlene said...

Hey Rebekah,

Thanks for letting us know! Glad to have you within online reach.

Do say "hi" to your folks from us. We think of you all often & lift you to the Father 'most that often too.

In Christ's love,