Friday, April 30, 2010

Cambodian Fauna

The spider was about four inches across. This one was in the house I stayed in - they tried to get it out, but didn't succeed at that. There were quite a few of these in various locations.

Skinny chickens everywhere ... as well as wild dogs -- only a few well-to-do people have pet dogs.

A lot of lone cows here and there.

We saw a few monkeys once, but didn't get the camera out in time to capture that in candid and never saw anymore.

The see-through lizards were everywhere -- ok, mostly on ceilings and walls -- I kept trying to get a better shot.

Generally, not a lot of wildlife.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Corbyn. Welcome back home! The flowers are beautiful and the creatures are...Ewhh - I wouldn't like the spiders or the lizards in my home!! I'm sure your trip was life changing!