Saturday, August 7, 2010

Garden Markets

When we're not busy at the Neepawa market we're getting ready for it ... or the CSA baskets which are more of the same delivered on Tuesdays to Brandon.

We're also trying a roadside market at the end of our lane. Saturday morning and early afternoon there is a lot of traffic going to and from Circle Square Ranch. We've done this for two weeks and so far the net profits have been equal to that of our first market attempts in both Brandon and Neepawa. This is certainly less driving which is a huge bonus!

Who knows? Perhaps we may have the beginnings of a Klasse Woods Country Market??

If it is to be? It will take some persistence, that we know already.

Praying for wisdom. James 1:5


rebekah said...

Now there's an idea! A farmer's market just started up here in Warman and is doing really well!

Darlene said...

Hi Rebekah.

Yay! Warman needed a market!
It is a lot of work, but the rewards are there too. Many folks like to do their garden that way - works for them, blesses you. Win/win!

... of course, we're our own best customers -- even though "we sell the best and eat the rest". lol!

Melanie said...

There is a Harvest Market starting up in Hepburn this summer and I am excited to get the kids involved with it. I have about 20 frozen bananas in the freezer so we want to do baking with those, the kids will earn money for camp next year. Together with my mom we should have a pretty good spread. It is a fundraiser for Shepherd's Villa ( a group home in Hepburn). They want to turn this into an annual event. I can't wait till we move onto our acreage and can have my own garden!!!

rebekah said...

Mom passed on your comments to me. :)

I feel bad for cutting off your phone conversation. :(

A list of what you recommend trying to sell would be great! Don't know when or if I will do it ( I already have a job, and am trying hard to get my book written/published), but it is something I am considering. :) Your advice would be much appreciated!

Anyways, if you want, you can email the list to me: Or anything else you may want to get to me or Mom. :) I don't mind!

Have a nice day!

Darlene said...

Hey Rebekah,

Thanks for the addy. I've got a list started. This will make it easier for me to get it to you. Can't believe how reliant I am on technology.

No problem about needing the phone - my family was needing supper, lol! I was on Sk time in my mind -- oops! Just get your Mom to call me -- there's been too much time between visits. Need to catch up.

You're writing a book? Whoo hoo! Good for you. Can't wait to read it.

Darlene said...


Market in Hepburn too? Exciting. Good for you getting the children involved - they learn so-o-o much from such things!!

Banana bread = good seller! Let me know if you need more ideas? I've got some.

He,he -- Shepherd's Villa. No need to explain. Did you know it was my folks who started that whole organization -first Sunshine in Hague, then Shepherd's ...? My two youngest siblings needed such a home -- and infact lived there for a time until they made a move to S'toon. My sister now lives with Jesus.

Will you make the move to the acreage for next summer? Gardening is great. We're learning so much & enjoying the goodies.

Take care. Need to meet up at a gathering again somewhere ... !