Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poplar Project Complete

Do you recall the poplar project that our young men started last spring? Well, the whole project took 9 months, but it is now complete & functional.

The feeling of accomplishment is so rewarding. A bunk bed for our six year old twins. They are thrilled with their new bed(s).

It was a long drawn out process. Cutting the trees ... peeling off the bark ... drying the logs took the longest though it was no work at all, lol! ... then cutting the tenons & putting the pieces together ... Corbyn did the lacquering after-hours at the cabinet shop where he works (added blessing) ... finally, assembly and testing was so good to see!

Along the way, the guys have found other uses for their tenon cutters:
... Corbyn designed a can crusher for a contest at his workplace. The boss challenged his workers to come up with something for the lunch room -- rather than purchasing a can crusher. Functional & fun though not at all like the other entries, lol!:

... a tree stand ladder that is both functional and camouflaged:


April said...

Beautiful work!

Darlene said...

Thanks April. Creativity is one of God's characteristics that He shared with us. It is so rewarding to make things. Of course, His crowning creation was man, but even in that He lets us partner with Him ... but hear now, I'm preaching to the choir. Praying for you & Babe. God Bless!