Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New life

Spring is the time for new life on the farm. It is totally exciting for everyone to see the new little calves bouncing around. See?

This little one looks like his father, "Curly".

We are only expecting 11 calves for 2011. Six are already on the ground - four of those were born on Monday. Can you imagine the excitement level that day?


Tangia said...

love the picture. I just bought a calf that looks just like these but she is white with a little red hue. What breed of cows have this curly coat. My Curly Q is a cuddle bug and I think maybe a miniature.

Klasse Woods Natural Farm said...

Hi Tangia,

Our cattle are an old English breed, one of the few that haven't been tampered with genetically. They are the Galloway. They do very well on grass, any grass. They are very easy to care for, very independent & protective mothers. Their meat is known by many as a delicacy. We're very happy with them.

Curly Q? Neat name for your calf.