Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All is Well

Another visit with the mid-wife is behind me ... it was a great appointment!

Choosing to use the midwifery service is a step of faith for us because of the higher risks associated with this pregnancy: my age, BP, blood sugar, multiple birth tendencies etc.

BUT God has given us back this option (having a mid-wife attend our birth) when we thought is was no longer an option...we'll go in faith.

The mid-wife actually detected Baby's heart beat using only the doppler yesterday - till now she had only gotten Baby's heartbeat on the cord and/or placenta. This Baby is tricky! Two doctors have also tried & failed to get Baby's heartbeat.

Of course, I know all is well cause Baby is very active, but they like to actually hear it too. Smile!

Appointments are now every two weeks - the countdown is on! We are so looking forward to Baby's arrival!

Just praying for a few necessities: an infant carrier/car seat being top priority for now. I wonder when & how God will provide?

To God be the Glory through Baby!

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