Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time Machine

Here is the time machine that projected us back from the past into the present. The tower was a used one, requiring Ken & Corbyn to dismantle it, move it to our farm and then anchor it in a cubic yard of concrete (new challenging experiences all around!). When that was set, Corbyn mounted the tower once again. We were blessed to get all of that done for $500 as opposed to buying new and having someone else install it at a total cost of about $3400.

As a bonus, they got a tree stand for their hunting expeditions when they bought the necessary full-body safety harness. Hunting season starts here on Monday - and there are A LOT of deer in this area, literally in our back yard.

This is just one of the many new, challenging and fun experiences presented to our young men since we've moved here.

Again, it took faith: First of all, Ken felt led to pursue this I-netlink option for our internet connection instead of the Xplornet connection that the former owners had because that one had already proved unreliable during the brief month we had tried it out. Since that was Ken's lead, the rest of us needed to honor that - it was amazing to continually experience God's patience and peace throughout the month+ that we were without internet service.

Then once Ken & Corbyn had the tower set in place next to our house, Ken called I-netlink once again to re-book the install at which time they informed him that this tower, at 48 feet was likely not tall enough - it should have been 64 feet. That could have been discouraging news had we not felt certain of God's timely provision of this used tower in the first place. So we continued to wait with peace, trusting that God was in control and this equipment would work for us.

The tower, with the 10 foot mast added by I-netlink is now 56.5 feet high. High enough to get over the tops of all the trees between here and the Pratt tower about 4 kilometres away.

It does work, with the signal coming in at 100%. Could we expect anything less?

To God be the glory!

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