Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Final Blast?

Way back in November our winter began with a blast - wind and a HuGE dump of snow.

Maybe winter will end with one FiNaL blast???

Clearing the yard yesterday:

This morning we can do it again!

The snow is heavy with a lot of moisture. We're thankful for that moisture and we're thankful to be on higher ground as the spring thaw will likely be coming quickly this year due to its late arrival.

We do live about three miles from the Assiniboine River, but we're at the top of the hill. The Assiniboine characteristically does not flood its banks.

However, Manitobans in the Red River basin are already struggling with high water... and Fargo, North Dakota is furiously sand bagging, bracing for flood levels even higher than in '97. Pray for them ...

Yet we know with confidence that nothing happens without God's knowledge - He is in control! What peace He gives!

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