Saturday, March 21, 2009

Savings This Week

I'm sharing my savings with you this week because I want to see it in writing for myself ... and shamelessly I'll admit, in so doing I can also share this post with the HuGE audience over @ MoneySavingMom on her Super Savings Saturday post.

My BEST score this week was a DVD:

I earned a F-R-E-E Worship Guitar DVD from Worship Guitar Class worth $29.95 - I chose the Kids Worship Guitar DVD. I posted about that here.
And I can share the sweet deal with you too. Jean Welles has asked me to share the offer with everyone I know: Check it out to find the details how you can earn one for your family.
These DVDs have been on my wishlist for a while already - now I got one
f-r-e-e. It doesn't come cheaper than that! To God be the glory!
We'll plan to use this to further give God glory with the music we make.

I also scored at the grocery store:
I did my two week grocery shopping trip last Saturday. My total reached just over $200 @ Superstore so I earned a $25 gift card. I used coupons and a $25 gift card from two weeks ago to get my out-of-pocket total down to $157.18.

DH stopped in at a local grocery to pick-up some sale items (everything we needed was not-in-stock) and came home with 2 boxes of "Rice Krispies Squares" - no charge having used 2 coupons worth $2.00 each.

For a total savings of $78.39. Plus I still have a $25 gift card to use next time. Oh, a--nd I do not need to pay shipping or exchange on the DVD from Worship Guitar Class (which I would have done had I ordered it for the twins' birthday, so that's a bonus. However, I will pay taxes on it when I bring it across the border since I'm having the "gift" sent to my U.S. address).

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