Thursday, April 30, 2009

True Beauty

This 8 CD audio set encourages each of us, young & older, to seek to bloom for God's Kingdom. True Beauty is after all, all about how God sees us and wants us to live.

Though recorded at a Father/Daughter retreat in 2008, there is something for everyone:
Father's learn how to establish a godly relationship with their daughters based on truths gleaned from God's Word, discipling her & protecting her through childhood to virtous womanhood. Daughters are encouraged by daughters who have been there how to honor their fathers.As Mothers listen, they are exhorted again to live and exemplify the Proverbs 31 woman. Brothers can learn how to treat & encourage their sisters & Mothers for the Lord. For everyone aspiring to establishing a godly marriage someday, there are timely truths shared to prepare young women for that potential which are also the virtues that young men will do well to seek in their prospective wife in their futures.

The speakers also share examples of godly, dominion-oriented womanhood from the young pioneer girls of the nineteenth century.

This set is available through Vision Forum anytime.

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