Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work From Home

I think I've stumbled upon a work-at-home opportunity that each of us can do...so I'll share it with you:

Early in April I mailed three letters to three different companies. These short letters were kindly letting the companies know my experience with their product. I used the same format for each letter - short and to the point, with a gracious tone.

Here are their responses (click on the picture to make it big enough to read the fine print):

- One diaper company sent two coupons to cover the FULL price of two packages of their new improved diapers (which they are already in the process of developing - they gave me the new product code to watch for) = approximately $25 retail savings.

- Another company sent a coupon for full retail of my choice of their products (a thank you for taking time to send them my results) = approx. $15 retail savings.

- The third company sent a $15 cheque to compensate me for their unsatisfactory product.

So, for a few minutes of my time and few cents spent on stamps I have been compensated with approx. $55.00 !! If I would consistently make that three or four a week? That could add nicely to our household expense budget -- how about yours?
Each of the above reviews were "negative" reviews, in that the product did not perform as they stated and/or I just indicated how the product could be improved upon.

Each company responded with gratefulness to me for the time I had taken to let them know my view of their product.

We are all product testers "in the field". The companies value our opinion!

Designate a time in the week to do this and see it if can benefit your family too. I've made-up sort of a form letter on my Word program so that makes it easier & even less time spent. I keep a running list of products around my home to review and then record when I've sent off a review and what the compensation is, if any. That way I can be careful to only review each product one time. In time, I may run out of products to review, however there are so many brands of each item I doubt that will be anytime soon (every chain store has their own company product) ... I guess we may well be using products that we do not like sometimes. We'll have to see if we can live with that.

I am trying "positive" reviews as well to see how well that is received by the companies. I expect they will appreciate hearing positive product reviews, but they may not "reward" the effort with product coupons?? Still a positive review can potentially brighten someone's day so it would be a good & Godly thing to do.

So, I'm thinking I can use my already budgeted dollars for cleaning, cooking or whatever to purchase items I already need and use ... in fact, I can just write up reviews of products I already have in my home -- and get "paid" for having tried them. Then next time I can buy a different label and review that item.

All of us already are product testers. Try it - Submit a review & wait to receive a reward. Work from home - for yourself & for a myriad of production companies. You be the boss. Your overhead is already in your budget except for the few cents it will take to buy stamps and send off the letters air mail.

Perhaps these reviews could be sent by email. I haven't tried, simply based on my theory that a hardcopy opinion by letter will be perceived as carrying more "weight". For now, I'm enjoying reaping the benefits of product testing this way. If you try the email route please consider sharing your experience with us here? Thanks.

Now if you're thinking you don't use diapers or whatever, think again -- you could use some of those kinds of things to give as gifts, make up gift baskets or diaper cakes. Either way, we can use what God has already blessed us with to bless others and save our family dollars.

Win, Win all around!

A dollar saved is a dollar earned!


t-anne said...

wow, pretty cool. I think I will try it. It would be better than mystery shops. LOL

Darlene said...

It is cool ... and better than some mystery shops (I think I know which one you're referring to & I agree with you 100%). That said though, I've also done great mystery shops. I wish I could find some like that here in MB.
Experience is a good teacher that's why I share some of these things with my readers ... so others can learn from my experience too = multi-tasking!!!!!!!! LOL, I enjoy it when I find that I can multi-task!

Anonymous said...

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