Monday, May 11, 2009

Mystery Flowers

Our perennial beds are full of surprises ... can you help us identify them?

This one looks like a lily, but it would be early for a lily. It smells faintly like a skunk - so for now we're calling it our skunk lily ... it's better than having a skunk living under our deck which is what we first thought when we caught those first whiffs!

The twins are showing you how tall it is. It is also very fragile. The plant droops even in just a little rain shower.

These flowers are shorter, about six inches tall. It is so nice to have blossoms & blooms this early.


Marci said...

The bottom flowers are a hyacinth. They are a bulb. They should smell wonderful. It looks like you might also have some lily of the valleys behind it. They too smell wonderful.

Marci said...

On a second look, those are not lily of the valleys. I am not sure what they are.

Darlene said...

Hey thanks Marci. We had wondered if these were the hyacinth, but the blossoms are so sparse compared to pictures we've seen of these. The white/yellow ones behind it are just more of the same I think, though they have even less blooms.