Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pet Pleasures

Wally, one of our grey tabbies, had five kittens yesterday:

Goof, our other grey tabby, had three kittens the same afternoon:

Then Corbyn came home from a volunteer work project and nearly drove over an Eastern Painted Turtle on the road. He brought it home to show his brothers because they had never seen one like that before. We had a pet painted turtle for two days, then let it go out into its natural habitat :

The same evening, just as we were heading to bed, Misty, our dog, caught a kangaroo mouse. Though it was a dire end for the mouse, it was an interesting event for us ... and a tasty snack for one new mama cat:

It was an interesting day from start to finish!!

In case you hadn't guessed, our young men enjoy the fawna of God's green earth!

Watch for a flora post ... they enjoy that too!

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