Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunny Day Sights

Way back at the end of May we did have some "hot" days though the nights dipped way down then too. We snapped some warm photos - maybe these will warm your hearts a little till the sun shines again.

Misty has found a cool bed - it is a half-barrel filled with pinecone mulch that we were using for flowerbed mulching - Misty seems to like it as a bed. It must be cool. We do know it is comfortable for her because she constantly uses it as her bed - and I'd MUCH rather she uses that than digging a "nest" in my flower beds - so we've let her adopt this as her bed:

After a long stint working at planting the orchard trees, the younger boys thought it was warm enough try out their water slide idea: a roll of poly from Cover-All shelters with a garden hose "watering" from the top.

Helping me make roll-kuchen to enjoy with watermelon for our supper:

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