Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Batter Writing Skills

Our littlest young men are getting to be my good helpers in the kitchen. Zucchini Cake has been THE cake to make recently. We make it in coconut & chocolate flavors.

Today, though we did something different: we had our phonics / spelling lesson in the cake batter.

They used a spoon as their writing tool and wrote the letters of the alphabet in the batter. Spelling words worked well in the batter too ... who knows they may even stick better in their little minds when written in batter, lol!

Of course, "erasing" batter is easy, so if they made a mistake they just "erased" and tried again.

In the end, the baked cake showed no traces of the lesson plan, but boys & Mom had fun learning together again. I trust the academic repetition mixed up with fun will have long lasting effects ...

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