Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Klasse Products

Rainy days have been plentiful here lately. We're using them to develope new products to sell: Beeswax candles

From jar to mold to candles: my collection of glass bottles, vases & jars are getting molded. Then the molds are used to make candles. The resulting beeswax candles are delightful. Right now, we're enjoying burning them on their test-runs, checking for burn times and perfecting the wicking thickness and set.

We've started with the simplest molds to prepare for the more challenging ones, the "string Trio" set. Watch for that set ... and more!

This is an earlier attempt at molding the "String Trio" ... we needed a firmer mold. Hopefully, our new mold medium will be result in an even better finished product:

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