Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Baby

Our baby turned one today. She got a baby of her own to mother ... and that she does! Here she is checking the baby bottle -- making sure it is not too hot?? Smile!

Faith Mattaya has brought sunshine and joy into our home!

This new baby doll is very large, but to her it must seem more real because she sure plays with it constantly -- different than with her other dolls. Actually, I wasn't going to get her a doll this year yet because she already has quite a few that others have gifted her with etc. Actually, I wanted to go shopping for a doll and buy a doll for her(having never had the need/opportunity to buy dolls before, lol)!
BUT I really was going to wait until another year ... then I saw how very much Faith Mattaya enjoyed the baby doll that Rebekah let her play with when we visited a couple weeks ago. Thanks Rebekah! What a blessing you shared with us!

Happy Birthday, Little One!


Carolyn said...

Happy birthday little one!

April said...

so sweet!!

bekah said...

That's so cute!! And yes, she certainly enjoyed the doll at our place! :) Glad you were able to find one for her. :)