Saturday, March 13, 2010

Changes & Learning Curves

Whew, what a week!

Monday - Molly arrived and threw us into learning curves with milking by hand. Hey, we're not the only ones, she had to learn with the guys what hand milking is all about. Apparently the milker we have has issues - we're trying to get those resolved.
- Corbyn's ticket was bought for his trip to Cambodia, March 30-April 14, 2010. He's going with his Uncle Darryl on a ministry trip for Children's Camps International. Please pray with us for them & those they seek to serve through this great opportunity!

Tuesday - we finally located and brought home 50 new laying hens. They're as hard to find in Manitoba as the proverbial "hens teeth", lol! From now on, we may just hatch our own in an incubator. Wouldn't that be fun??

- Corbyn started part-time work @ Rosehill Woodcrafters Ltd., but when he came home after his first day he was already full-time. Having him gone all day everyday has really made a huge change in all of our lives!! Of course, he has learning curves to go through at work, but we do too ... changes in schedules & responsibilities etc.

Wednesday - made our first batch of yummy yogurt. Whoohoo!
- Faith Mattaya decided it was worth it to learn how to walk with boots on so that she can go outside, see the animals & play with the kitties.

Thursday - A Happy 6th Birthday for Benjamin & Bronlin. It is so hard to believe that they're already six!! We really celebrated their birthday already on Sunday when Grandpa & Grandma Wiebe were here for a wonderful visit.

again a long day of baking & preparing for Farmer's Market on Friday.
- we made our first butter ... with great success!

Friday - Farmer's Market & shopping in Brandon.
- failed our first attempt @ making cottage cheese ... much to the delight of the cats & dog!

Saturday - resting up and preparing for Sunday & company (house cleaning).
- made our second batch of cottage cheese with success! Yay!

Thank you, Lord, for creating a Day of Rest!

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