Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Health Habits - Oxygen

Oxygen is necessary for life - our life. In fact, without it we die! I know, that's not news to you ...

But did you know that cancer causing free radicals DIE in the presence of oxygen? Since every body has free-radicals, it is in our best interest to give our bodies the optimum edge in the battle to stay on top of that internal situation.

So, how can we get more oxygen into our bodies so that they can function with better efficiency, sustaining quality life and eradicating those pesky errant cells that threaten to take over?

One simple, inexpensive way to get more oxygen is to breathe deeply. Most of us use only about 10% of our lung capacity, there is lots of room to expand that:

- inhale a huge breath slowly through your nose. Let it fill your lungs and then take conscious note of filling your abdomen with air as well.
- exhale slowly, blowing through your mouth.
- try to exhale for longer than you inhaled.

Why? Because when we exhale we are not only releasing carbon dioxide, but also the extra, unused oxygen ... AND TOXINS. The toxins are what you really want to discard.

- once you've noticed how much more air you can get into your lungs try holding your breath for 10 seconds or so.
- when you've mastered that, try increasing the length of your hold.

Why? Because we breathe out so much unused oxygen - this is a conscious plan to use as much as you can. While you can't do this with every breath, the extra oxygen you do get each and every time you do this exercise will promote your good health.

Make your lungs work FOR you.

Do this exercise before you rise and when you retire - and whenever you think of it in-between.

Make it a daily health habit!

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