Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dandelion Delights

Dandelions are a seasonal thing. They bloom for a couple weeks and then they are done for the most part. I refuse to chemicalize my yard to get rid of them for in doing such I also put the health of my children at risk. Instead, they delight in picking flowers for Mommy -- and I put them in crystal vases to brighten our home.

Did you know that dandelions are also VERY healthy? Add the tender greens leaves to salads, the powdered root cleanses the blood and even the bright yellow flowers can be use to make Dandelion jelly -- a local entrepreneur that we've met at Farmer's Market & homeschool functions is known worldwide for her "Dandelion Jelly".

Dandelions can also be FUN. Brayden's brilliant idea blossomed:

Then our littles spent delightful hours in the dandelion patch -- enjoying the sunshine, the flowers and being creative.

... making dandelion shields with the tennis racket reminded them of the fun at Grandma's house too. They've spent hours playing SnaPics at Grandma's house (SnaPics were a toy made by Tupperware in days long ago).

It never ceases to amaze me ... the things little minds can come up with.

... and as usual, the cheapest things make the best toys!

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rebekah said...

Maybe we should learn a lesson from the "little ones" and take pleasure in "small things". :)Very creative, by the way! :)Bekah