Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Toy? Or Tool?

This nifty seeder has been on Ken's wishlist for a while, but this year it was promoted to being a part of the resources here @ Klasse Woods. It is the perfect thing to plant a market garden -- in fact we bought it from some very successful market gardeners who are finished their career.

It does the tedious backbreaking work of precisely seeding, properly spacing the seeds, then packing them as well ... all in one pass. What a blessing it is proving to be.


diane said...

oh, i think i'd like that, no i'd love that for on my wish list this year as well, i could actually put the garden in myself, does it do tiny seeds like carrots too? hm... maybe i'll have to do some searching, but by the time i find one, my garden will be planted i'm sure. inmy case prob cheaper just to go at it manually anyway. but neat o

Darlene said...

Yup, Diane, it does the tiny seeds too. Check if Ron F. still has another for you too.