Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a Happy Day, Happy Day!

Those are the exact words I heard from three little men.

I've said it before, now I can show you ... cardboard boxes make wonderful toys! In this case, the bigger the better. And this box is HUGE as far as boxes go. I expect we'll have a permanent fixture in our basement ... at least for the winter.

Today is like Christmas at our house...and December 25 is still 5 days away!

A big new freezer arrived in a huge cardboard box. One look and there were six excited young men planning a playhouse for little sister. They had just as fun making it as she's having playing in it.

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Carolyn said...

Ha! How awesome is that! I distinctly remember us getting a new hot water tank when I was a kid, and we played with the box for MONTHS!!!

The best toys are the ones limited only by the imagination!!

Happy Day indeed!