Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Conditional Offer Signed

We've come to an agreement - a sale conditional to the sale of the buyer's home.

Our pending move is five weeks away, August 1, 2008. Unless their house doesn't sell quickly - in which case they have 3 weeks from when the conditions are removed (so that we have at least three weeks to pack up the family & farm, & train the new owners how to operate the business etc.).

It'll be a busy here yet - and we thought it was busy all along! Ha!


Karen said...

Just in time for us to come visit you in your new home! lol... or maybe to help you get settled in??) we're planning to be out there for a wedding on the 9th of August.


Darlene said...

Stay in touch Karen. If things work out you'll be more than welcome - as of yet, the possession date may go past that depending on when our buyer's house sells in S'toon.

Oh, and we'll be coming back to SK mid-August for the cherry harvest.