Saturday, June 28, 2008

KFC Anyone?

Brayden came up with this acroustic: KFC standing for Klassen's Fabulous Chicken.

If you or anyone you know needs fabulous chicken for your family freezer please give us a call. Of our 1000 broilers, we only have about 250 left to pre-sell. Delivery will be mid-July.


t-anne said...

Hi Darlene,
Are these going to be butchered, or is that a do it yourself project?
I'm following your blog, and excited for you that your dream of the Manitoba farm may yet happen.

Darlene said...

Hi Trudy,
Our KFC is oven/freezer ready.

Thanks for your support regarding our pending move.

t-anne said...

Hi Darlene, the farm looks absolutely beautiful. Who wouldn't want to move? LOL So some of the cattle are now yours? Exciting!! I would love about 10 of those chicks please, if you still have any available. And I could probably help butcher them if someone did the preliminaries - ie: kill and remove insides. We used to have to help with butchering, but that was the two things I never had to do.

Darlene said...

Hey Trudy,

Sure, I'll put you down for 10 birds - they'll be about 5 lbs in two weeks. Thanks for the offer to help butcher them, but we will just hire the Hutterites to do the whole job - they've got such nice facilities & it'll help cut down our time commitment. As you can probably imagine - time is of essence around here right now ...

We are seriously thinking of setting up a portable chicken butcher operation and doing that processing ourselves as well - having checked it is allowed in Canada as well as in the States where we first heard of such being done on a commercial/inspected basis... Just one more of our many ideas for generating income off the new farm.

The cows? Well, technically Corbyn is the proud owner of the cattle - he's the one interested in that venture into farming "Salad Bar Beef", organic, grass fed etc.

The boys each have ideas they'd like to pursue - we're here to facilitate/support them as they grow into their own. But, for now we're working it all as a team - thus "our cows".

And ... yes, it is exciting. We'll hope to have you over there sometime too?