Saturday, August 30, 2008

Corn 'n' Apple Harvest

We are grateful to have gotten some of Manitoba's excellent corn. Yesterday, Ken's folks brought us 30 dozen cobs - and these are no small cobs!

Today we started at 8:30 AM shucking that corn - by noon it was all in the freezer and the evidence cleaned up.

Everyone could help ...

Two cutters made the job happen quickly:

Thanks guys - you're all great team players!

Then in the afternoon, we cooked up the apples that Ken was blessed with from an older man in Holland whom he had met when he took a load of garbage to the local dump.

Applesauce for the freezer and a pan of applecrisp - Yum!

Our guys really enjoy applesauce & cinnamon on their porridge and applecrisp is a favorite treat too.

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Laurie said...

Hi there, this is Laurie Kroeker who replied to your questions about homeschooling in MB in April through the Homeschooler Haven list. I have been meaning to email you to see if you had moved or not. I am glad to see that you did decide to move to Manitoba. It sounds as though you like it here so far. Have you started school yet?

Where did you move to?

I hope that we can meet someday...maybe at the homeschool conference in Winnipeg in March?

~ Laurie