Saturday, August 2, 2008

We've Arrived @ Our New Home

Three days of loading & three hours of unloading ... and our whole kit 'n' kaboodle is here at our new home, the farm in Manitoba that we've been talking about and dreaming about since April 12th when we first saw the place.

Loading... (one of the heaviest barrels)

And unloading ...

God has been so gracious to us as friends and family have rallied to offer their helping hands in getting us packed, loaded and unloaded. Thanks to everyone that helped - we your consider efforts a blessing! May God bless each of you in return!

Today, Saturday, August 2nd, we are just coasting along - doing whatever we find to do and feel like doing right now. It's been a gruelling week so far and we won't be getting much done anyway before we head back to SK to help harvest the 2008 cherry crop at our Warman farm - thus we need to rest up & relax.

The boys are all out exploring their new territory - basically enjoying being boys and doing what boys do best. Ken has gone for the afternoon to help his folks with preparations for their 50th Wedding Anniversary which is tomorrow afternoon.

... and I? Besides blogging, unpacking a few boxes, and doing some laundry, I'm exploring my new home & gardens, getting a feel for what is here and how I can put our household into this place in an organized fashion.

Planning, painting & placing are the things on my mind ...

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