Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Glass Lizards 'n' Such

How would you respond if, as a mother of six boys, you were asked to close your eyes and hold out your hand?

Our boys have been totally enthralled by all the adventures in wildlife they find on their new farm ...

Glass lizards are one such readily available creature of interest:

They crawl out on the deck all around the house and if the boys are quick enough they can catch one - for a moment, because you see, these shiny black/blue reptiles have a unique ability to "break" off their tail when caught - leaving you holding a wiggling tail while they adeptly make their hasty escape. (Notice the tail lying in front of the lizard?)

In addition to that, these amazing creatures can also clear the house of every helping hand at a mere mention of their presence.

Boys will be boys!!!!!!

So back to the question, what is a mother to do when asked to close her eyes and put out her hand? It takes a lot of trust to do that when I've got visions of a wiggling tail on my mind ... but, my son was good to me that time and just gave me a citronella coil bracelet to wear to ward off mosquitos.

And ... that's just one of the many interesting wildlife adventures in this new place!

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Diana said...

All I can say is INTERESTING! Never seen a lizard like that before.