Monday, January 12, 2009

Have You Noticed?

...the days are getting longer.

...the sun is getting warmer.

...Spring is on it's way!

Our family loves to welcome Spring - and we usually start looking forward to that on December 21 when the days start getting longer again - imperceptibly at first, but longer none-the-less.

I do hope this thought encourages you as much as it does us on this cold day!


bj said...

Hi Darlene! Yes, Dec 21 is always a day to look towards spring for me too.

Praying for you and that little one. We had our Bible Study group join us in praying for you on Friday. God bless. We are all well here. Please pray for Ash as she is, right now, up north on a reservation for a week-long mission trip.

Darlene said...

Thanks for your prayers for us & Babe, much appreciated! Please pray for our young men too as they manage on their own while we tend to Babe. Thanks!

We sure can pray for Ashley too - your Baby! Our privilege, thanks for sharing!