Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updating with Praises

Yesterday was a long day, but good. Babe is still snug as a bug inside ... perhaps that's a good thing in these frigid temps?!

So yesterday, we found out where to go and met the Dr. in Winnipeg - all good preparation that was necessary to do. This Dr. is very nice. He was very encouraging to us. He had no concerns that we would necessitate a section (in fact he was almost wondering why we were even in to see him - though he did understand the many big "ifs" that could be possible scenarios for this birth. He was very accomodating in that he cited my earlier high BP as top reason for putting me onto the list awaiting induction ... to satisfy the Nurse Manager's requirements. I just let him cite high BP as reason, though we are so very thankful that my BP is not high at all! A HUGE Praise item.)

Our current plan is tentative induction today, Thursday ... or Friday or Saturday. Tentative being the key as there may be a rush of others that have a more pressing need which could bump my case in priority (since I am technically not even at my due date of Jan.20th yet). So this morning we're awaiting the call to come in. We have definitely given the consent that Winnipeg will now be the location for this delivery.

Now, we've seen 7 doctors and three mid-wives. We've had 7 ultrasounds, by as many technicians (three of those were Doctors). We always have to chuckle at how this Babe gives them all a run for their money/time ... trying to get a measurement is tricky. As has been the case all along, Babe & I are doing great! Praise God again & again!

More praises are that Ken & I have had safe travels during dangerous temperatures and windchills as well as the fact that the Suburban continues to perform well under such stress. Not to mention the fact that God is providing for the extra costs of driving all those extra miles ... we've put on about 1000 miles this week alone.

Praise God too that we were able to come home and "monitor/manage" the homefront yesterday for the evening and night. Today, Bronlin seems to be a bit better again though his low grade fever/looser cough seems to be hanging on a little longer yet. He is not terribly sick, but it is good to be here to help with that care and not leave that full responsibility on our older young men. Being here has been settling for Ken & I. God is good!

A little side bonus & something Ken & I consider a praise item was that he & I were able to take in a webinar class that we've signed up for every Wednesday evening for a total of 14 weeks (together with our oldest three guys). This was our second session, which wasn't totally necessary that we take in, but it was good not to miss it anyway ...

We just got the call ... here we go!

So again, we ask you to cover us in prayer as we continue on our journey. Thanks & God bless your day!

I've yet to share another huge praise we determined yesterday about how God has led us ... but that will have to be another post!


Marg said...

Darlene, We're praying for that new baby and that all goes well. When all is said and done I'll share my dream with you . I'm curious to see how it will line up with reality.

Diana said...

God bless you and your family and we will keep you in our prayers.

Corb said...

Corbyn here for the Rest;-)

Dad called awhile ago and said that Mom was in labor. So maybe by morning we will know!!! Then Mom should be home later tommorw to give a full update.

Keep praying,

Karen said...

Thank you Corbyn for the update! Eagerly waiting to hear the news, and praying while we wait...