Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Easy Clean Stove-top

Thanks to my mother-in-law for a kitchen cleaning tip resulting in an "easy clean stove-top". Here's how:

Clean your stove-top well then coat with car wax - I used "Turtle Wax".

This is a wonderful way to make your stove-top easy to clean.

Since getting my stove I've been frustrated with the difficulty in cleaning it - any drip would bake on if not whisked off before the current operation was even completed ... and then it would need to be scoured off. Now I can swipe the stove top clean with a quick wipe after each use without having to get out the scouring pads, baking soda, etc.every time I want to clean my stove-top.

Thanks Mom!

I always appreciate finding a "better way" ... so I'm passing it on.


Marg said...

Thanks for the tip. Now I can clean the stove top thoroughly and wax it up and know my hard work won't be wasted during the next cooking session.

t-anne said...

The wax doesn't become messy after a while?

Darlene said...

Well, Trudy ... it hasn't been messy thus far into this "experiment".

I've only had it on for two weeks now - so far I REALLY like it, but I'm sure it will need to be reapplied after a while (how long that will be is yet to be determined).

t-anne said...

IF I ever get my stove cleaned, I'm sure going to try it. I made a big mistake last week by putting on a pot that was too big, full of water and trying to boil the water. SOS hasn't been successful yet in removing all the black. But my hand was giving out too, so I'll try again.

Darlene said...

Been there, done that ...

I really should give my mother credit here too - she was the one that CLEANED my stove top and then applied the wax (when she came out last week-end to see our little girl).

My Mom just loves to help me out - and this time the task, applied on the stove-top, is so lasting!! (unlike the back massage she gave ... oh-h I could sure use another already)

Marci said...

I am having trouble getting mine totally clean around the burners. :( Any suggestions?