Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Learning to Walk, Part 2

The second little tidbit of information that I'm learning about walking is that, contrary to what I've always thought, taking regular, shorter 10-20 minutes walks at a moderate pace is actually better for your health than longer endurance. Hard to believe? I know, but I've read about this in more than one place.

Amazingly, I find it easier to get myself motivated to get out to do a couple shorter walks than one 30-45 minute walk.

Yesterday my dear hubby measured the distance of my regular walk - the length of our driveway & back is almost exactly 1/2 mile. So, if I go out two times a day for two trips to the road & back I'm putting on 2 miles. Whoohoo!

And getting fresh air to boot ... and often spending time with Ken ... benefits galore.

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