Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Learning to Walk, Part 1

Ok, so I'm not learning to walk right from the start, but I am learning about a fitness way to walk known as Nordic walking.

What's that? Basically, you go for your regular walk, but carry a walking stick in each hand - and get your arm swing technique in sync with your step.

Unwittingly, I started Nordic walking last Fall when I started going out to the pasture - through the bush, up & down the trails and over tree roots - with our youngest three boys. Being pregnant I wanted walking sticks for stability. I just used walking sticks that our older boys had fashioned out of sticks they'd found in our bush.

Somehow, during the winter I googled "walking" and discovered "Nordic walking", an exercise that is well known in some countries. For an excellent website to check it out further go here.

Apparently, Nordic walking increases the cardiovascular workout one gets. It makes sense because your arms are working as well. Another benefit - and there are others - is that this method is easier on the joints of your back, knees and feet.

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