Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boys & Bugs

Do they go together? Or is it just an innate interest that my boys have? They get so excited about each new insect they discover ... and they come running to show Mom, fully expecting me to share their delight!! I try - for their sakes!

Benjamin & Bronlin actually enjoy their job collecting potato beetles off the potato plants. Often they will be wandering through their patch, collecting the bugs, without even being told. Amazing!
Here they are examining a specimen (another picture here):

I can appreciate the butterflies.

It is a rare thing indeed to spot a cicada fly, let alone spying one just as it is emerging. These insects live underground in the nymph stage for seven years before shedding their final "shell".

Released to its natural habitat: the fly will now live about 3 months in its adult stage before laying eggs and dying. Thus the cycle is now nearly complete for this cicada, but by laying its eggs the cycle is perpetuated.

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