Friday, July 31, 2009

Hometown Happenings

Last weekend, we enjoyed one day at the local hometown "55th Annual Manitoba Thresherman's Reunion", spending time with family and extended family while getting to know our new community in Austin, Manitoba.

A bonus was that our little boys could learn and experience a little of our glamorous and clamorous history. A field trip in summer. There is always something new to learn. Learning is fun!!!!!!

The twins enjoyed being part of it all by wearing their engineer outfits -- we enjoyed the ease with which we could keep track of them amidst the throngs of people at the agricultural museum. They drew many a smile from onlookers.

Two of the three campers that parked at our place while they were here enjoying the Thresherman's Reunion in Austin. We also hosted my folks in our "basement suite".

A great time was had by all.

Enjoying one of our groomed trails.

Enjoying a fireside chat & roasted "roll kucken" (they taste great with my Cherhub Jam!) -- Mennonite version of bannock!

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