Thursday, July 23, 2009

On the Cutting Edge?

Do we live so far out of the box that what we do becomes something of interest? Well, evidently our style of farming is news worthy. Look who showed up at Klasse Woods Natural Farm today:

Carla Bosaki from CKX TV in Brandon will feature Klasse Woods on "The Noon Show". Watch for it.

We'll be getting a dvd copy of "our story" later, once it has aired. We'll try to share that with you via YouTube once we get it.

We live a dream life and we love it: Dad at home with the family, working and playing together. We cherish the family unity we enjoy as a result of our common goal of living off the farm. We consider all of this as blessing from the Lord Who has enabled us to live here, enjoying our "work" of making our living off the farm.

Serving others, who would like and can benefit from the same healthy food we have, is a privilege we consider part of the blessing. Organic, healthy food and buying local are two things that more people are seeking out these days ... that's where we come in. We're on the cutting edge of consumer demand. It's a good place to be - especially because it fits so well with our own standards and philosophy: eating food the way it was meant to be, as wholesome unadulterated nutrition.

"Little is much when God is in it."

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Carolyn M said...

That is SO COOL!!!!