Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cards

How do you display your collection of Christmas cards each year?

This is how we keep your greetings within sight ... posted on a large wall using Funtak, starting in the shape of a cross reminding us of the reason Jesus came to earth as a Babe - with the ultimate purpose of dying on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. Providing us with ALL with the glorious hope of restored fellowship with the Father in Heaven.

Notice how perfectly my new cross nativity fits as the center focus of our card display?

Once the cross is complete, we radiate more cards out from the center of the cross depicting rays of the star that proclaimed the birth of a King to the whole world.

For those of you who have sent a card, you also make it onto our rotation prayer list throughout the month of January as we continue to enjoy those cards during our daily prayer time.

Thank you for blessing our lives!

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