Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Week of Praises!

Please praise God with us!

This week, with it's frigid temperatures, we've spent two full days on the road - going to appointments that really needed to happen.

Praise God we're back home safe 'n' sound ... Praise God we have a wonderful warm home ... Praise God ...

Monday, three appointments for Mom & Baby: one, an untrasound in Neepawa, to determine for certain that we're having only one Baby this time. Yup, we're having A Baby, a modest one who would not reveal any secrets. For now, Baby is named "Justin Other" Klassen. All indications were of a strong healthy baby growing and developing WELL! Praise to the LORD!

Manitoba regulations are such that they do not reveal Baby's gender anyway, I thought that was kind of "interesting" - so unless Baby reveals something obviously it is not something they discuss. Another anomally about Manitoba ultrasound - it is very difficult to get such a test done - few machines, fewer technicians - something that needs updating here ... thus the need for us to travel to Neepawa for this.
The technician was excellent though, it was a pleasure to be diagnosed by her.

A second apointment that day took us an hour south to Brandon, it was with the Mid-wives. This time we met Lauri-Rose and Sabrina. We get to meet each of the mid-wives at least once because it's not certain which one will be on call when Baby decides to arrive.

This appointment too was a great encouragement to us. My BP was great as was everything else... and with only 5 weeks to go I'm still in their care with no need yet to even consider transfer of care to a Doctor ?! ... Another Praise to our God!

A final appointment that day was a tour of the Brandon Hospital: WOW! It was so good to have that tour! Our tour leader was my "primary" mid-wife, Clare, who led us right from entry into the "right" door at emergency & directions to Ken where to park, through to the maternity ward/private room where we can stay in luxury for the duration of our time. I have to say, this hospital is so new & bright & cheery it is really like going for a night out - except that it will be a "working vacation", due to the "labor" involved!

Ken can room in with Baby & I. Dad's are provided with a comfy reclining chair for just that purpose (ok, not exactly like a bed in a hotel room, but ...). It is a private room with a special space for all the Baby "equipment" needed for the birth & a huge adjoining bathroom/tub room. New Dad's get a free pizza and Mom's can have whatever is provided in a little kitchen specially for them - or bring your own food.
Basically you can "move in", bring whatever you like: books, music, clothing, etc.

In the past, I've come home the same day as delivery (with the last two deliveries anyway), but this time I'm thinking we'll stay at least 24 hours after Baby arrives because they need to see Baby & I again after those first 24 hours. Since Baby is coming in the middle of winter, we feel it would be wiser & cheaper to just stay the course there in their posh palace, then we'll travel home to join the rest of the boys before traveling back for another "visit" when Baby is three days old.

It was great to figure out where we're going to need to go BEFORE we needed to know that, the day of Baby's arrival. The hour long drive may well be long enough - hopefully not too long ... it's in God's capable hands.

Finally on Wednesday, with the weather being a little warmer for this trip, we had to travel to Winnipeg to see Carsyn's Pediatric Endocronologist & Diabetes Educator team. That was a pressing issue already too after a difficult time making the necessary connections here in Manitoba ... well, it was VERY encouraging to finally have everything in place and meet with the Doctor & Team here. They were so very helpful...Praise God!

We had a very pleasant & positive initial visit with promise of a great relationship ensuing, helping us to live with and manage this chronic disease with even more precision than we have in the past. Such is the nature of this disease, there is always room for improvement. So again, we were very encouraged to have another great "appointment" - in hindsight, perhaps this is one reason for our HUGE move to another province ... it is God's provision in meeting our "need". We have a new beginning here in Manitoba, PRAISE GOD!

Another praise we have is that our "new to us" Suburban proved capable when challenged in cold temperature driving - it heats well and there were no problems.

Excellent gas prices are reason for praise...that's a reprieve we can all enjoy!

Last, but certainly not least, we're so thankful that our household of young men are capable & able to manage on their own at times like these when Ken & I need to be taking care of other business away from home. God has this all planned so very perfectly, we just couldn't ask for better. We give Him all the praise for orchestrating our lives to perfection!

We are so-o-o-o BLESSED already and He just keeps on blessing!

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