Monday, December 8, 2008

A Collection?

... of Nativities

To be honest, I've never considered myself a collector, but in all honesty again I'll have to admit I have a collection now ... thanks to a great friend I've left back in SK. who has a collection of more than 50 nativity sets of her own!

I know my favorites are the ones crafted by our own dear sons - and each year they come up with a new style ... or two ... or three. No, I don't tire of them, they'll always be special to me - probably gaining in their degree of sentimentality as the years go by. Indulge me in this, I've never considered myself to be sentimental this much before, but I guess time changes perspectives...?

These popsicle stick nativities made nice little gifts for teachers, family, missionary children, & friends a number of years back - doubling as an excellent craft idea that we enjoyed doing together. And ... having an entrepreneurial mindset, I've even sold some "kits" with instructions in the intervening years so that other children could enjoy them as well.

Here are the criteria that I find myself using to add to my collection (aside from what our sons make):

1. - price is a factor - I greatly enjoy finding a nativity at a garage sale, in a thrift store or in a post-Christmas sale. I always enjoy a good bargin, but to add to my collection makes it extra special.

2. - a splurge could be a consideration if it is a truly unique nativity.

3. - Unique is also one of my criteria.

Putting up nativities is an activity I enjoy also - along with my sons, but especially Brayden who is my budding creative interior decorator. This year, in a new home, it is an additional joy to find new placement for each set.

Would you like to join us as we browse our own Festival of the Nativity?

A new addition, a splurge from, but now no longer available - this one uniquely tells the whole story of Christmas. Someday my boys may craft something like this out of wood ... ?

The last two can be played with:

Our tiniest nativity glows in the dark. It is plastic so I like to place it in the bedroom where the little guys are so they can see Baby Jesus with His mother & father when they are falling asleep. It adds a nice festive touch to their room:

Tip: Micheal's Craft Store, Peavy Mart and TSC stores here in Manitoba all carry great quality rubber animals. These are a great size to make additions to some nativity sets. My sheep for my porcelain set in the first picture went missing so I replaced it with one from Micheal's - I bought it using a 50% off coupon... and the donkey in the play set was a special request by one of our twins one year - bought at Peavy Mart on a deep after Christmas discount of course.

Those are a few of our nativities. For a complete tour, I invite you to our home - we'll add features like music, food & fellowship ... just be sure to call ahead to make your reservation. We'd love to have you!

In another post I'll have more wood art nativities that our boys have crafted - and are crafting ... watch for it.

To God be ALL glory!

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Bonnie said...

I purchased a nativity set from our local thrift store last month - I don't think it was a complete set, but included Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in the manger, and three wise men. For years I have been looking for just the right nativity, but still haven't found it. The figures I purchased are large, and are a bit fancy, but, as I told my Mom, it's what they represent that counts. I also have a porcelain candle holder nativity, and a couple of tree ornament ones. I guess I'm starting a collection, too.