Saturday, December 27, 2008

This is GOOD!

Remember eating snow?

How about "Snow Ice Cream"?

Just before Christmas I came across this rather unique (to me) recipe to make "Snow Ice Cream" - it came highly recommended ... so when our SK Christmas company arrived I enlisted the ladies (Thanks Karen & Janique) to help me make the dessert that we'd serve along with our lasagna supper!

The "experiment" turned out GREAT!

A tasty treat.

A fun activity.

An interesting concept.

A delightful dessert to finish off our supper ...

Snow Ice Cream

1 quart whipping cream or half 'n' half cream
1 tsp. vanilla, or 2 tsp if using imitation vanilla
1- 1 1/2 c. liquid honey
6 quarts fresh, clean, fluffy snow

Mix the cream, vanilla and liquid honey well. Then add the snow, folding in 2 cups at a time until thick like the consistency of ice cream.(At this point, we decided that a quick mix with an electric beater might make the finished product even smoother as we did have a few "chunks" of snow - but using a beater is, as of yet, an untried step).

Serve and enjoy! Add toppings if/as desired - of course, at this house, I had to serve it with cherry topping ... we try cherries with everything at least once! Smile! - this is a keeper!

Maybe I'll make it again & add a picture ... this first time, it disappeared before I even thought of a picture. Check back here to "see" how it delicious snow ice cream can look...

Try it sometime this winter. Add some varieties - I'm sure those could be many!

Note: I tweeked the original recipe to make it a healthier version, using honey instead of 2 cups white sugar - and that worked too! PTL!

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