Saturday, November 28, 2009

Curbing a Cough

Most of us can testify to struggling with a persistent cough. You know the kind that keeps you and your spouse (if you have one) awake at night.

Well, two of my Aunts have given me a suggestion that seems to have worked for at least three of us at various times these last two months. So I figure I'll share it with you -- in case you too can find relief.

Oil of Oregano -- one drop under the tongue stops the cough. Yup, one drop does it! That said though, it is HOT stuff and burns for a bit. I followed the drop with a big drink of water, but it still does the trick.

For administering to little ones? I put the drop of Oil of Oregano onto a quarter teaspoon of honey and followed that with a drink of water. Again, it helped to curb the coughing. PTL! Of course, honey by itself is said to curb a cough, though I find that the duo is even more effective.

Such an easy, healthy fix! I hope someone else finds this useful too.

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