Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Things First

Faith Mattaya took her first eight steps on her own the last day that Timothy was eight years old. She walked to him upon his encouragement. She was 9.5 months old.

Now, a week later, when Grandma & Grandpa W. arrived for a weekend visit she took off walking knowing what she was doing and doing it frequently, enjoying the freedom and the praise she gets from all of us.

The funny thing is ... she's walking before she even has teeth! Ha,ha! First things first! She's definitely been a mover since day one -- that was even the difficulty that put my labor and delivery with her into the high risk category. PTL all went well then and still is to this day. God has given grace & mercy sufficient for each day.


bekah said...

She's growing up fast!

Gloria said...

Hi!! Rebekah told me awhile ago we could leave comments now but I just have not made it to the library to update your blog!! The last one I saw was Brayden's birthday - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, BRAYDEN! Wow, your little girl is walking! Sure was good catching up with you. Looks like the Lord has opened another door for you - the horses. That's neat you can try this out without going into the expense first. Those horses look like they belong on your farm. I'm sure the boys are enjoying them. All is well here - will write soon.