Thursday, November 5, 2009

Phonics Fun

Getting to do this again...

Already a month ago, Bronlin wrote out the song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" as I dictated it to him (at his request - he wrote out this special song as a gift for Grandma).

Teaching our children to read and write is a great thrill. By God's enabling grace and mostly on their own, the twins have already progressed very well in Mathematics aided by Father, Mother, brothers and workbooks so ... this year we are focusing on learning how to read and write words. Of course, Mathematics is still part of each day and they're continuing their progress, grasping new concepts like subtraction, clockwise & counter clockwise, time, and thousands with amazing ease. Ah, to God be all the glory! Thank you, Lord!

Back to phonics though, their penmanship is already neat and orderly. They know the names of the alphabet and most of the sounds that each one makes. Now we're beginning to put consanents and vowel sounds together to form blends and then words. Today they put together their first words and wrote them onto paper.

It is so rewarding to listen as they come to me throughout the day telling me that " 'v' starts with vehicle" or "Mom, 's' starts both six and seven". They are learning skills they will be using for life -- what an amazing privilege to lead them in this, one of the most basic things in learning.

Meanwhile, Faith Mattaya is discovering the joy of books ... I am continually amazed at the length of her attention span.

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