Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun & Fresh Air

... excercise & woodsmanship, orienteering and exploration, that's about the most of what the hunter's in this area are getting this year.

Mostly due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, apparently the rut season has not yet really begun. We need a big snow with some colder temps ... in the next five days!

The hunting season ends this Saturday. While we are grateful for the one deer Carsyn shot already, supplying us with about 60 lbs of ground meat, we are still praying that God will supply more. In whatever way though, we know tat God will supply ALL our needs. That is an assurance He gives and we are blessed by Him to have that!

AND while my hunters are faithfully "out there", I'm busy here at home keeping the home fires burning and our "Littles" constructively occupied. Thus there is little time for updates ... besides the camera is also "out there" ready to capture the elusive buck shots, lol!

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