Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Helpers

In the beginning, work was a pleasure. We know that God created it as a good thing since it was created before the fall of man.

Have you noticed how young children revel in "helping Daddy" or being "Mommy's helper"? Doing a job well or doing something without being told makes little ones stand tall ... then again, we all feel good after a job well done, don't we?

This struck me as being material for a blog post today when I was buying dishwasher soap -- I buy the dishwasher tablets. For two reasons:

1. In my opinion they do a better job getting the dishes clean.
2. Then my little helpers can do that extra little job too. It is a reward that makes filling the dishwasher worth their while!

The cashier that served me had never thought of letting little ones do this job, but she realized right away the value of the idea.

She was equally impressed with another idea that I shared with her - that of storing dishes in the lower cabinets in your kitchen. Again, so that little helpers can readily help to set the table and/or empty the dishwasher. Little ones as young as three and even younger can begin to help around the house. Everyone can earn their keep, so to speak -- after all, everyone likes to eat!

"If a man will not work, he shall not eat..."

These are just a couple ways that we can capitalize on the natural joy that our youngsters have when working. Making it fun and meaningful at that age builds in them the character quality of responsibility and establishes worth in the family.

It also prepares them for life ... and isn't that what parenting is all about?

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