Saturday, February 27, 2010

Venture Advance

Our Beeswax Candle business has made strides this winter ... so much, in fact, that we are already marketing them at the Brandon Farmer's Market every Friday.

The sweet smell of beeswax fills our home as Brayden makes his creations in our basement work room. Many of the candle shapes are formed from molds we've made ourselves. The sense of accomplishment is just as sweet ...

As new things go, we've experienced some challenges in the learning curve - like using the correct wicking as well as the correct wick thickness for each candle - but now, some of those hurdles are behind us, the candles burn brightly clearing the air as only beeswax candles can do and adding much delight to our decor.

Delightful, beautiful, functional and healthful, these candles will make great gifts for anyone and everyone - I know I certainly feel like I've received a gift every time we get to do a trial burn test of one of the newest creations.

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