Monday, February 15, 2010

Planning for Spring

We're still in the midst of winter - those who have lived here a long time are saying there is more snow than usual already.

... but we're in the midst of planning for spring! Whoohoo!

Members are already signing up for our weekly CSA Garden baskets ... bedding plants are ordered at a local greenhouse, Sprucedale Industires. It is operated by developmentally challenged adults - they were there for us last year when our June garden froze out. We want to support them. It just "seems right" since I also have had the privilege of growing up with a sister and a brother who had/have development challenges also.

AND we're all enjoying browsing through the seed catalogs, choosing our seed packets and deciding how much we will need to plant this year as our membership is likely/hopefully going to double ... plus we'll be able to sell extra at the Brandon Farmer's Market that we've recently joined.

Spring brings a lot of excitement around here!

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diane said...

sounds good, i'm going to start some peppers next week, i will pick up my seeds i ordered a week or so ago today in the mail, i ordered from stokes and lindenberg this year. look forward to a great gardening year, hope its a great one for you as well.
p.s i finished the book knockout now and will return it sunday. thanks, diane