Thursday, February 25, 2010


Search & Win

Do you search the web? Do you use Google when you're searching? Or some other search engine? Do they pay you to search? WHAT? They DON"T PAY YOU?

Well, then it's time you sign up with SWAGBUCKS! They pay you to do what you do anyway. I've been searching through SWAGBUCKS for about a year now -- just through my own searches I have gotten almost $40 ... and I honestly do not do a lot of searching, certainly no extra effort is put forth to get this.

Besides that, if I promote SWAGBUCKS here on my blog (like I'm doing now, smile) and any of you sign-up using the link from my blog I would also earn swagbucks everytime you do for the first while. So -- they pay me to advertise for them.

You can do the same ... and get swagbucks also! Go to SWAGBUCKS now to sign-up. Give yourself a gift, it's SWAGBUCKS' birthday.

Search & Win

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